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Exposure 2010s2 D Integrated Amplifier

New for 2015, the Exposure 2010s2 D improves upon the much awarded 2010s@ model, picking up more awards and 5 star reviews than any other Exposure due to its outstanding value. Carrying on from where the original 2010 Integrated left off, the improved 2010s2 D offers more clarity at through the upper ranges and greater bass weight and definition down low. The new D model adds a unity input for allowing a Home Theatre bypass circuit for connecting an AV Receiver.

Exposure 2010s2 DAC Preamplifier

The Exposure 2010s2 DAC is much more than just a high end Digital to Analogue convertor. It’s a digital preamplifier too enabling it to be the digital hub for your hi-fi system. Just add the matching 2010s2 Power Amplifier and you’ll be in digital hi-fi bliss.

Exposure 2010s2 Power Amplifier

The 2010s2 Power Amplifier was designed for two reasons, firstly to partner with the 2010s2 Digital Preamplifier, and secondly to allow for bi-amping configurations when partnered with the 2010s2 Integrated Amplifier. However there is a third use, if you're after higher quality amplification than what your Home Theatre Receiver offers, the 2010s2 will feed your speakers with plenty of juice to make them sing beautifully.

Exposure 3010s2 D Integrated Amplifier

New for 2015, the Exposure 3010s2 D is the updated model of the famous 3010S2, with a new preamp stage and the ability to slot in a DAC card (available separately), the 3010S2 D a powerhouse for the modern audiophile. It has 110W of power which is enough to power most speakers on the market today. Plus, if you need more you can always add the 3010s2 power amplifier for bi-amping capability. This is a tremendous amplifier, that offers greater performance than many of its far more expensive competitors.

*Hifi News Group Test Winner*

Exposure 3010S2 Mono Power Amplifiers

The ultimate in refined power. When you need that little bit more omph without losing any richness in tone the Exposure 3010S2 mono amplifers are worthy of the task at hand. Based on the high-end MXC series mono-blocks, the 3010S2 offer extreme performance while stil retaining a real world price.

Exposure 3010s2 Stereo Power Amplifier

The Exposure 3010s2 Stereo Power Amplifier is a amazing amplifier that delivers a best in class performance. Partnered with the 3010s2 for bi-amping or as part of at pre/power system the 3010s2 is the workhorse you need, so your speakers can sing in perfect pitch.

Exposure XM3 Phono Amplifier

Designed to partner with the XM series of amplifiers, or can be used as a standalone phono amplifier in any high performance audio system. The XM3 delivers stunning dynamics and makes your vinyl sound as best as it possibly can.

Exposure XM5 Integrated Digital Amplifier

Everything you need in one small box. The Exposure XM5 Integrated amplifier features analogue and digital inputs, an AV Bypass circuit, 60W of clean power, all in a stunning half width chassis design.

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